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What is Organic Provisions?

Organic Provisions is an exciting and convenient new way of choosing a wide array of quality natural foods and products right from your home. Our over 2,000 healthy items is the largest selection available anywhere by mail-order. The product listing reflects our strong and active support of products that are organic, environmentally safe, cruelty-free and naturally made and processed. And our knowledgeable and experienced sales staff is committed to prompt and accurate service. With Organic Provisions, you can stay at home and shop.

As you enter our store, notice our low minimum order, only $20.00. You may order any quantity of any item.

As you browse the aisles of our store, you'll see many of the natural products industry's most well-known names: Earth's Best, Little Bear, American Prairie, Muir Glen, Arrowhead Mills, Lundberg, Rice Dream, Eden, Seeds of Change, Ecover, Weleda, Nature's Gate, Maggies Organic Cotton Clothing and dozens more. In addition, our catalog is packed full with helpful product descriptions and ingredient listings to help you make important choices in your shopping.

ORDER OLINE NOW!Enjoy convenient shopping by ordering our products online, by phone, mail or fax.

Looking for hard-to-find products? We probably have it. Organic Baby Food, Organic Quinoa, Organic Spelt, Organic Amaranth , Organic Bread Mixes; Hato. Mugi and Umeboshi? Yes! All natural halvah bars with pistachios? Absolutely! From Loofah mitts to seaweed, we have it. We even carry shampoos naturally made in Costa Rica.

House and Home - Yours and Ours - Our 'eco-Ethic' Organic Provisions 'Eco-Ethic' seeks to provide products for not only your health but also for the environmentally conscious consumer. We carry cleaning products that are biodegradable, and offer a large selection of products in recycled packaging materials. Organic Provisions also recycles everything we can at our facility, including glass, plastic, white paper, computer paper, and aluminum. We use recycled paper for our catalog, our computer printing and all company paperwork.

Organic Provisions makes every effort to promote products that are grown, processed, manufactured and pakcaged in ways that minimize a negative impact on the environment.

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